Jackie’s Research on the Use of Facebook

Last semester, my group and I were in charge of the keep up our Facebook Page called UMass Students Against Debt. I was able to experimenting with posts and see what works best with our audience. Whether it was a funny picture, a youtube video, or an facebook-revolutionarticle from class, they all seemed to get different responses from our “fans”.  These days our internet world can get very cluttered and its hard to catch your viewers eye with every post. I wanted to figure out how to stand out from all the clutter and get people to see and hear what we’re trying to coney to them. As I did some research on various activism groups on Facebook, I came across a bunch of independent news sources. These seemed to be the most popular and had thousands of likes and very active supporters on their page. Some of these example are True Activist, Democracy Now!, and Exposing the Truth. These sites offer information that don’t make it into our Mass Media. Its great to see so many people interested in these issues!

Screen Shot 2013-02-11 at 9.34.44 PM
I also found a smaller page on Facebook called Students Against School Cuts. It only had a thousand “Likes” but what I thought was so unique was that it was the first page to be produced for and by high school students that I found as I did this research.  The internet is a huge part of our generation, we basically saw Facebook, Twitter and Google emerge but its pretty cool to see the younger generations using and being apart of these social mediums as well.

Want more info on how online activism works? Check this out!

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