Raise Your Voice!

High student debt has become a type of protocol in our society.  It is somewhat assumed that we will leave college, grad school, etc. with some sot of lagging debt.  Though we have been told this is a ‘part of life’ we have been ironically uneducated on just how high the fees can be, and how relentless the payments are. student_debt_final-460x307-1 Often needing to start payments as soon as 6 months after graduating.  Is it really practical to believe we will have high-paying worthy jobs that fit our degree in this time?  We have to factor in this new objective of ‘unpaid internships’ AKA do the bitch work we don’t want to do, and hopefully you’ll get something out of it!  Granted this is situational depending on the job, but for the most part this is the gist.    Screen shot 2013-02-12 at 10.02.59 AM

We are trying to involve students in solving this ongoing problem because it cannot be fixed if we don’t have a voice, and a loud one at that!  Part of this process includes spreading the word, what better way to do this than by social networking?  We are facebooking, instagramming, and tweeting our way through campus, and we are encouraging people to share their numbers and stories.  We plan on informing students on their current situations, while providing entertainment in the same.  student-debt-teaching-english-abroad-optionsThere will be flyers passed out and posted on classroom walls, encouraging students to join the movement.  We deserve to know where our money is going, and if it is worth our future.  We are constantly researching the stats as well as stories surrounding the Economic Squeeze, and we plan to keep people updated and informed.

By: Gemma Santamaria

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