#StudentDebt, Let’s Make It Trend.

ImageIt’s no secret that our economy has steadily been going down the tubes. Over the past few years the debt problem has been passed down like a gene; generation to generation. Unfortunately, we the students, have finally had our time come in the form of student debt. As if it’s not enough to expect us all to go to college for a minimum of four years to make it anywhere in the world, they expect us to pay a fortune in order to do so. The youth has always been a targeted group, and it’s about time we have that come to a stop. We are the generation of the internet, social media, etc., so let’s take advantage of it!

Our mission is to spread awareness of this outrageousdebt against students and the lack of opportunity. Through mediums such as twitter, instagram, tumblr, facebook, and blogging in general, we want to make some noise about this issue. Through satire, stories, and emotions, we hope to tell both our stories and, eventually, yours. We are not alone in this battle, so let’s fight it together. The more awareness we spread, the more attention we will receive, and the more power we will have. Put it this way, Kim Kardashian has 17,362,970 followers on twitter, and does nothing but piss people off. If we can spread knowledge, stories, emotions, and my personal favorite, jokes, about things that actually matter, why can’t we hit that number? Join our movement, share your ideas.


By Margaret Sullivan

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