The Debter Games have officially begun! With our twitter page on the rise and the wall being put to action, Students Against Debt is on the way to becoming a successful organization. This week, we’ve almost doubled out twitter followers, which means that we have double the amount of eyes reading our content. The twitter is still full of puns, but those puns have a deeper meaning. Gemma and I have created flyers that advertise our twitter and hopefully catch the attention of students.  Our method of using satire to get our message across appears to be successful for college students, therefore I am excited to keep the punches rolling!

WIth the twitter page being so successful, we are beginning to work on our next big project; the debt wall. For this, we have started to create signage and plan dates as to when the wall should go up. Since we need to wait for the warmer weather, we are taking advantage of the time we have to advertise it. I have reached out to a few organizations that I think could help us promote our project. One of those organizations is the OCSC, the Off Campus Student Center. As a former employee, I know that this center is driven to help students and are great at spreading the word of events. I was hoping that we could post our flyers for both our twitter page and our upcoming events so students can take a look and continue to spread awareness.

Lastly, I want to try to take advantage of my internship. I am the media relations intern at I have access to posting through their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and their television commercials that are typically just a still image. I am hoping to take the debt wall image that Lauren created and post it on the public televisions.

Overall, I feel as though we are making great progress in our study, and I have high hopes for Students Against Debt!!

Oh, and of course in honor of Game Of Thrones starting so soon…..

Game of Thrones Gets it!By Margaret Sullivan

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