What’s Worth Your Debt?

As I focus on the UMass Students Against Debt twitter account, I am surprised and pleased at the idea that we are gaining such a significant fan base.  We have incorporated our sense of humor into the tweets to keep the company growing and entertained.  OP10COLLOANS3.jpgI believe this is so important because the ongoing problem with student debt has become so severe in our nation, we need to connect and make light of the situation, and make it known we are not alone.  Through this project I am discovering, and helping others uncover ‘Their Number.’  It is important for all of us to make this problem relevant.  It is our intention to help our peers.  We are busting our asses working our way through college and we deserve to graduate with high hopes for our futures, not high loans to pay back and low wage jobs to make ends meet.  It is as if we are educating ourselves only to work for ‘free’ (interning) or work at a job we didn’t need a degree to work at in the first place.  college_loanFrom childhood we are taught that education is a privilege, but once we finish high school, then what?  Since we are told education is a privilege we should be expected to pay up to $100,000 a year?  I know where I’m from; if we don’t decide to attend college after high school we are considered unintelligent.  Personally, I think it’s unintelligent to drown yourself in debt after college when there is no guarantee you will graduate with a worthy and well paying job.

By: Gemma Santamaria

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