Quick Update from Lauren

Okay guys so this is going to be quick! This is what I’ve accomplished/been working on so far with a longer post coming on Wednesday!

-The tumblr is up to 36 followers which is actually good—we get about 1-3 followers a day so at this rate we are growing fast!

-I have emailed/reached out to women studies (Banu Submramanium, Alex Deschamps), Comm (Lynn Phillips), and my Junior Year Writing instructor (Anilyn Diaz). All of them have expressed interest.

-Only Anilyn has gotten back to me and she said she was telling her students about our student debt initiative and would be more than willing to supply us with some artwork for the debt fence.

-I’ve also reached out to the old comics artics from the Collegian, who is graduated now, and he said he would LOVE to do a student debt piece for the fence.

-I’m also going to get pieces from my roommates and am waiting to hear back form the above people if I can attend some of their classes and collect artwork that way.

-I will be writing a longer post about the Guerrilla Girls and my findings probably on Wednesday—sorry! But I have made a powerpoint to show you guys and that’s ready to go!

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