Tweeting Your Way to the Top!


          Social media has recently taken reigns over our society.  We depend on it, and essentially live through it.  It is no surprise that Twitter is one of the most popular, and growing forms of social media used today.  Twitter is used for personal thoughts, as well as sending particular messages to large groups of people.  Most celebrities use Twitter to reach out to their fans, it creates a sort of humanity for them.  It normalizes them to the people who look up to them.

            Twitter has more recently become an outlet for political intentions.  Public figures are using Twitter as a way to educate the public on matters they believe worthy of national knowledge. Twitter is used as a resource for activism as well.  The Arab Spring was given such powerful media attention because of the use of Twitter and other forms of Social Media.  They appropriately used media outlets to network their upcoming protests, and inform the public of what was really happening.

            It is amazing how social media networking like Twitter have changed the way we receive information. The President of the United States has a Twitter, granted he is not the one composing each tweet, yet he has a follower base of 28,206,366.

           Obama is fairly consistent in the substance of his tweets, shedding light on national problems, and political issues.  Obama’s use of twitter is directed toward a younger generation.  Social networking consumes the lives of most youth, so why not educate them in the process?  It is a masked way of teaching these younger generations of people by indulging in their form of socialization.


By: Gemma Santamaria

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