Let’s Get the Ball Rollin’ People!

1107_warren              It’s about that time! We have been working toward a better future for ourselves and fellow classmates.  We have worked hard to make Student Debt an issue to be tackled and put away with.  There is such a lack of knowledge surrounding loans, prices, and education worth.  The dire economic state we are in does not allow much leg room for choice, or hope for a successful future.  There needs to be a change, and we need to make that change.  Through outlets such as Social Media, and other forms of campaigning we are trying to make a change.  We have high hopes that Elizabeth Warren will hear of our powerful efforts to spread the voice of student debt, and will help to make the issue heard around the nation. 
            This not a problem that just affects our student body, this problem affects our entire nation.  Our Debt Fence is a way for students to express how they feel about their personal loans and debt, or to learn what the problem of student debt is.  I think this is a great way to get people involved, and get the ball rolling!  This is just the beginning for us.

By: Gemma Santamaria

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