Political art fences/ outdoor installations- Erika Klein

I looked into one fence with a lot of artwork on it which stands on the border of Mexico and the United States.  This sort of fence in particular was not very appealing to the eye so because they were not allowed to tear it down they decided to paint it.  ImageWhile it would be difficult to actually paint on the type of fence we are using for our debt fence, using the facet of painting to create some more sinage might be a good way to draw more attention to our installation in terms of color.  Another artist who also chose to incorporate paint on a piece of fence was Banksy, obviously we’re dealing with a metal fence so it is a little different, but finding art by Banksy in this particular form caught my attention anyways.  Picture 1

At Mercer Park in New Jersey, there is fence in which they entitled it The Title Project which is a joint effort among 100 artists from 40 countries.  The Mercer Park fence is one of 22 installations around the world. fence In this type of fence the artwork is actually a part of what makes up the metal fence, but it is similar to our project in the sense that it is a product of so many different people.



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