Poor UMass Student

twitter In creating the Twitter handle, Poor UMass Student we have come to realize the great power social networking holds. In using this account to promote our marketing campaign we were also able to produce a kind of personality in our messages. There is a mixture of relatable, informative, and humorous tweets that take over Poor UMass Student. Our first endeavor was to gain an audience; this is where our relatable tweets came in. We targeted UMass students directly and live tweeted things that were happening around campus, or in classrooms. This allowed students to make a connection with our twitter, and kept them wanting to see more.
For future continuance of the Twitter, I believe it would be helpful to continue the personality we have connected to the account. It is helpful to keep up with informative and updated information about student debt, but to also keep a humorous edge. This is what keeps the following. It was also really fun; it allowed us to express our feelings on what was going on around us. It was a great way to vent about the construction that was limiting our walking paths, or the ticket you would receive for live parking more than 15 minutes.
The process of each tweet was simple, but at the same time challenging. You would think of something relating to the debt crisis, but you would have to word it in a specific way, relating to the followers, keeping them entertained, all in 140 characters. It was definitely a learning process. It was really great however to see the feedback would get, and the retweets, favorites, and replies to some of our funnier tweeting activity. We really enjoyed taking part in the Twitter aspect of the Debt Fence, we also thought it was an excellent way to get the word out about what we were doing.

Some of our favorite Tweets!
You know you officially hit rock bottom when you took out a student loan for spring break ‪#helpmeimpoor

“Don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got..” but you actually can be. ‪#theyallfakeyo

PSA: Cumberland Farms is selling 32 fl oz Powerade buy one get one free. Curing tomorrow and Sunday’s hangover for one price. Can’t beat it

My life is ‪#HBOGirls, frumpy, grumpy and poor, just missing the Lena Dunhams salary and that Grammy ‪#socloseyetsofaraway

Had a dream last night that I logged onto to Spire and right under the Pell grant was Spring Break grant and a Party Package loan

Is there a discount if I take all my classes pass/fail? ‪#UMassProblems

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