I made the letters using cardboard and red duct tape!

I made the letters using cardboard and red duct tape!

We should be all set for Tuesday! I also have some fact signage to hang up that I mentioned in a previous post. See you all Tuesday!

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Lauren’s Video Response

Hi all! I did the “post video comment” option, selected this video, and it uploaded and then… it still doesn’t show up as “video response.” Although it has its own URL I do not see it displayed in the “video response” section underneath the original video. If you guys can figure out how to post it/what I’m doing wrong let me know! Thanks!

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Quarter Page Flyer


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Update 4.14.13 – Lauren

Hey guys just a quick update!

-I’m working on some more mug shots and getting those interviews.. I’ve set up a time Signagewith some of my roommates later in the week so I hope to have those then.

-I’ve assembled a PDF packet of fact signage, which I’ve emailed to Joel. If anyone would like me to send it to them let me know and I’d be more than happy to!

Signage2-Generic Debt Fence Flyer- this is also a PDF or else I would have attached it, but I can put up a JPG of it at a later date.

-I’m planning on waking up early tomorrow (Monday) and hanging all of the above up as well as adding some color to them via marker.

Be well!

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History Class Dialogue


Public speaking is usually something I try to avoid as a whole, but last week I sucked it up and made an announcement to my 200+ person history class about our independent study.  I don’t think I spoke for much more than one minute, but even during that short amount of time I could see interest spark in some people’s faces.

image_1365477319870512I briefly explained what we were doing as a group and why addressing this issue was so important.  I could tell that there were people in the room who had no idea that this was such an issue.  Also in my quick speech I explained the signage we have been collected and told them that everyone would be asked to make one in their discussion section the following day. image_1365477160616907

Since I didn’t have much time to discuss everything in class, I sent an e-mail to both TAs further explaining what we were doing and asked them if they would pass on what I was saying to them.  I figured it probably would have been more helpful if I could have spoken to each class myself, but that did not come to be possible.  When I was speaking with my TA after our section, she said that ours was the most talkative of her three sections, and it may have been because I was there to explain it myself, so I guess that is something to keep in mind for the future.

image_1365477131500385During my section I was able to talk for a bit longer about the student debt crisis and what we are trying to do in regards to it.  By speaking to a smaller group I actually felt more empowered and as if I was telling them all something with a purpose, rather than trying to quickly rattle of information on something so important while in a lecture hall.

Everyone took about five or so minutes to create a piece of signage.  Most of them were a few words, and some drew pictures.  One of the guys next to me sat there for a few minutes, told me he had nothing to write because he had a business plan to sell drugs and quickly pay off his student debt after graduation, and that he had nothing to worry about.  So that was that.image_1365477111870567

My TA then began a discussion about everyone’s thoughts on student debt, and a lot of people seemed to really get into it.  It seemed as if there was a lot of anxiety and worry about what some of them were going to do about the tens of thousands of dollars in debt they’ve racked up while being at UMass.  The dialogue continued for about twenty minutes and overall I would say it was very successful.


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Political art fences/ outdoor installations- Erika Klein

I looked into one fence with a lot of artwork on it which stands on the border of Mexico and the United States.  This sort of fence in particular was not very appealing to the eye so because they were not allowed to tear it down they decided to paint it.  ImageWhile it would be difficult to actually paint on the type of fence we are using for our debt fence, using the facet of painting to create some more sinage might be a good way to draw more attention to our installation in terms of color.  Another artist who also chose to incorporate paint on a piece of fence was Banksy, obviously we’re dealing with a metal fence so it is a little different, but finding art by Banksy in this particular form caught my attention anyways.  Picture 1

At Mercer Park in New Jersey, there is fence in which they entitled it The Title Project which is a joint effort among 100 artists from 40 countries.  The Mercer Park fence is one of 22 installations around the world. fence In this type of fence the artwork is actually a part of what makes up the metal fence, but it is similar to our project in the sense that it is a product of so many different people.



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Lauren – Update 4/8/13

The article with the journalist who contacted us has been published and a quote form myself was used! Umass Students Against Debt also got a nice little mention. Most of you have already seen this but I have linked it for those who haven’t yet!

I also did the interview with Nastasia who is working on a Student Debt documentary here on campus for one of her classes. The interview went well and she said she will email us the information and a preview of the video before she is done editing. So look out for that!

I have posted some mugshots to the tumblr and continue to update information there. The queue is stocked for a week and ready to go. I am asking for submissions via tumblr so hopefully I get some! Maybe the facebook can do the same?

As for the Elizabeth Warren videos I’m having a little harder trouble with that but I plan to film one myself via my webcam so we will at least have that one. I am currently working on some small-version flyers to spread around campus and will make a separate, image post for those.

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