mtg 5 tasks

Stu-Debt Follow-up Tasks Week 5 (2.26-3.4)

1.  “Make at least 5 pieces of signage each.”  (from timetable plan presented by planning group)

  • Ideally, some of this signage could come from other people you engage.
  • Can at least one sign include “facts” about student debt.  See
  • Next meeting we’ll talk more about how to begin posting these works.

2.  “Update social media with at least 3 things related to stu-debt crisis.”

  • This might also include a scanned copy of one of the signs you’ve produced.

3.  Connect with “different organizations on campus.”

For personal follow-up, here’s some groups (I believe) we talked about and some groups I’m suggesting:

  • Maggie – Off campus student services; Amherst Media, Center for Educational Policy & Advocacy (CEPA)
  • Gemma – GEO (grad students/RAs union), Center for Educational Policy & Advocacy (CEPA)
  • Jackie – RAs (Coolidge), GEO related to RA union, PHENOM
  • Lauren – Women’s Studies, Dept. of Communcation/peer advising (Lynn Phillips), grassroots organizing class
  • Rebecca –- Campus Center facilities (student/staff employees), UMass alum contacts, what else?
  • Erika – Student Union Art Gallery, what else?  Art Department students/grad students/faculty/FAC gallery/Shawn Farley, Arts Extension Service?
  • Chelsea – politicians (Senator E. Warren, Rep. Jim McGovern), Student Union coops:  People’s Market, Earth Foods, Bike Coop

What to ask for:

  • Sponsorship:  to put names on flyers, publicity
  • Probe them on how best they thing their organizational resources might contribute to the project.
  • Member/client participation in the sign-making; ideally this could involve a meeting with group members where we present our ideas and host a discussion that leads to sign-making
  • Secure a contact person for the group.

For CEPA, GEO contacts, hold off till our next meeting.  I have specific contacts and information to share on these groups.

4.  Connect with “different teachers on campus.”

  • Follow-through with instructor (faculty, grad-student) contacts we’ve discussed.
  • Ask them how they might engage their students, e.g. free write signage in writing class.

5.  Political artist survey to inform the signage display.

  • Read some brief essays (online or print) on the artist to which you’ve been assigned.
  • Find at least 3 artists that somehow are associated with this artist.
  • Prepare brief presentation including point-point with at least 7-10 slides.
  • Each week, we’ll have brief opening presentations on each artist.
  • Consider and discuss how this artist’s work might inform our signage display.
  • Would it make sense for us to try doing signage that draws from this artist’s style?
  • Write brief (5) paragraph blog post to display with representative work.


  • Banksy – Chelsa – next week (March 5)
  • Keith Haring — Erika and Jackie (March 12)
  • Guerilla Girls – Rebecca and Lauren  (March 26)
  • Barbara Kruger – Gemma and Maggie (April 2)

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