mtg 6 tasks

Stu-Debt Follow-up Tasks Week 6 (3.5-3.12)


 2.  Make at least 3 pieces of signage.

  • If possible, best to scan your signage so we have color copies.  Maggie says “Scan Genius to PDF”(?) is an app that allows doing scans with a smartphone.
  • Do signage with bold lines that can easily reproduce in monochrome for photocopy.
  • Ideally, some of this signage could come from other people you engage.
  • Can at least one sign include “facts” about student debt.  See

 3. Update social media with at least 3 things related to stu-debt crisis.”

  • This might also include a scanned copy of one of the signs you’ve produced.

 4.  Blog posts on particular media/issues you’re exploring, information you’re finding, e.g.

  • Rebecca on the testimonials she’s collected on the hard times facing college grads.
  • Gemma and Maggie on Twitter as a community organizing tool and other tweeters on stu-debt
  • Chelsea on student protests at UC and UMass faculty with 100,000 debt.

 Post on the FB page as well as the course blog.

5.  Continue follow-up with organizations/individuals (faculty/grad students/others).  See Follow-up Tasks Week 5 for individual commitments.  Some might have changed since then.

6.  CC concourse tabling arranged by Rebecca for next Wednesday, March 13 from 11am to 2pm. This will be staffed by Erika, Gamma, Maggie, and… “What’s your number” mug shots will be one option for people to participate.  Might also try some video recording of people’s debt stories?

 7.  The schedule for political artist presentations is modified:  Chelsey does Bansky (3.12);  Lauren, Rebecca on Guerilla Girls (3.26);  Erika, Jackie do Keith Haring (4.2); Gemma, Maggie on Barbara Kruger (4.9)

8. Prepare reasons for Senator Warren to take action on stu-debt for video shoot which will happen during our next meeting, March 12.


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