week 10 tasks



from EduDebtors Union http://edudebtorsunion.org/wp/

1.  Mugshots – everyone get at least 5;

  • feature “what’s your number” debt load signs, or other statements on the economic squeeze, e.g. stress b/ working several jobs, hardships paying bills, future employment fears.
  • full face or mask, e.g. Edu-Debtors Union used Groucho Marx glasses to shield people’s privacy
  • print out in B/W, post on social media and scatter throughout Debt Fence.

2.  Video letters for We Want Senator.Warren to Address Student Debt

  • everyone do at least 3
  • use webcams and/or smartphones
  • ENSURE QUALITY AUDIO:  do a test and upload the video make sure audio is usable
    • What do you think of the student debt crisis?
    • Concerns about the economy?  Future job situation?  For yourself, family, cohorts.
    • Why should power holders – Senator Warren – address this issue?

3. Continue documenting and posting Debt Fence images.

4.  Social media:  post daily updates

5.  Follow-up on classroom dialogue and sign-making sessions.


from EduDebtors Union http://edudebtorsunion.org/wp/

Lauren: Meet with journalism student for video interview.  Produce small flyer(s) to distribute that invite people to post their own stories, debt load.  Update Tumblr.

Gemma & Maggie:  Get E.Warren media outreach & video letters campaign.  Update Twitter.

Rebecca:  Get video letters from UMass alums; translate alum stories into signage and blog posts. Update FB page

Erika:  Research political art on fences and other outdoor installation sites for ideas on how to add creative elements to the fence.  Post on blog.  Update Instagram.

Chelsea:  Write blog post on History class dialogue and sign-making session. Follow-up with People’s Market, Earth Foods, and Bike Coop pressing them on ways they can contribute signage about cooperative, green future alternatives.

Jackie: continue Coolidge RA outreach.  Update FB page.

Planning meetings with Joel at Machmer E32

Thu (4.4)  1pm Rebecca    2pm  Gemma, Maggie,  2.30  Chelsey

next Thu (4.11)  10.30 Lauren  1pm Jackie


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