week 11 tasks


Since we haven’t considered how to address the student debt crisis in terms of policy alternatives, I’ve included the task of  surveying a specific organization/site to cull information for signage.

As we’re still doing the Debt Fence and the E Warren video campaign, I think it’s important to continue to collect mug shots and video letters.

The question is what’s realistic and reasonable in terms of how much can be accomplished given your end-of-term commitments?  Use your judgement on what’s most important.

With the rain and shredding that took down the signage, we’ll have to rebuild it next week.


1. Continue collecting mug shots and video letters.

2.  Research & make signage presenting alternatives to the student debt crisis.

  • Survey websites below to become familiar with some of the leading organizations/websites and ideas in the movement to address the crisis of student debt.
  • Specific sites and/or topics are assigned to particular people.
  • Take notes for several goals:
  1. Select important ideas and facts to feature on signage to create for the fence.
  2. Write an overall summary of the organization/site to post as one piece of signage about advocacy groups on this issue.
  3. Be familiar enough with the information to be able to briefly share what’s important and your own perspective on it.

Maggie: http://studentdebtcrisis.org/ Robert Applebaum’s site

Gemma:  http://projectonstudentdebt.org/

Jackie:  http://www.occupystudentdebtcampaign.org/ and background on Biblical principle of Jubilee in Leviticus

Erika: http://younginvincibles.org/ http://younginvincibles.org/issues/education/

Lauren:  http://futureofhighered.org/ with a particular focus on  http://futureofhighered.org/cfhe-working-paper-financial-speculation-tax/#more-336  excellent outline of forces pushing public Higher Ed privatization

Rebecca:  http://www.edtrust.org/dc/about,  http://www.iamnotaloan.org/

Chelsea:  European traditions of free public higher education and/or info. on the mass mobilizations of youth in these countries to resist neoliberal austerity budget cuts


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