week 12 tasks


1.  Debt Fence cleaning and re-launching

  • This Thursday (4.18.), 12.30-1pm meet at Debt Fence to clean off tattered signage.
  • Next Tuesday (4.23), 12.30-1pm, bring signage, mugshots, etc. to re-launch Debt Fence.

2.  Create video letter on alternatives to the student debt crisis.

  • Based on the research and signage you’re doing on alternatives to the student debt crisis (last week’s assignment, see #3 reposted below) create a short video letter to be posted as a response the Call to E.Warren video.
  • The idea is to present some of the advocacy proposals we believe should be more widely discussed in public forums.
  • After reviewing the website/advocacy organization/topic you’ve been assigned and signage you’ve created, create a script (could be talking points) that conveys key elements of these ideas and includes your perspective on it.  Take a stand!
  • If using webcam, script/talking pts can be on screen while recording.
  • When completed, upload to the EWarren video site @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=puzznri8trs  Gemma will send out info. on how to do this.

3. Research & make signage presenting alternatives to the student debt crisis. (from last week)

  • Survey websites below to become familiar with some leading organizations and ideas in the movement to address student debt.
  • Specific sites and/or topics are assigned to particular people.
  • Take notes for several goals:
  1. Select important ideas and facts to feature on signage to create for the fence.
  2. Write an overall summary of the organization/site to post as one piece of signage about advocacy groups on this issue.
  3. Be familiar enough with the information to be able to briefly share what’s important and your own perspective on it.

4.  Continue collecting mug shots and creating signage.

Specific student debt advocacy sites and/or topics assignments (for #3)

Maggie:  http://studentdebtcrisis.org/ Robert Applebaum’s site

Gemma:  http://projectonstudentdebt.org/

Jackie: http://www.occupystudentdebtcampaign.org/ and background on Biblical principle of Jubilee in Leviticus

Erika:  http://younginvincibles.org/ http://younginvincibles.org/issues/education/

Lauren: http://futureofhighered.org/ with a particular focus on http://futureofhighered.org/cfhe-working-paper-financial-speculation-tax/#more-336  excellent outline of forces pushing public Higher Ed privatization

Rebecca:  http://www.edtrust.org/dc/about  http://www.iamnotaloan.org/

Chelsea:  European traditions of free public higher education and/or info. on the mass mobilizations of youth in these countries to resist neoliberal austerity budget cuts


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