week 14 task

Post artist overview and link to Powerpoint display

For those who haven’t already done so, on our indy study blog, post several paragraphs (3-5) that summarize your findings on the artist you’ve researched.

  • If you’ve done the work collaboratively, it would be best to write a collaborative post.
  • You might include some ideas on how this artist’s work might inform the Debt Fence project and the wider issue of student debt and the economic squeeze.
  • Include several images by the artist in the post.
  • Include a link to the visual presentation (Powerpoint or other format) you’ve created.  This can be done by uploading the Powerpoint or a PDF version to your UDrive account and then after selecting that document > Manage > Summary and copy Full URL and then paste as a hypertext link.
  • Send a link to the post when completed.  

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